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Morgan Flodman is a young writer from a small town in Massachusetts, USA. Her poetry and prose have been recognized by Appelley Publishing, the International Torrance Legacy Creativity Awards, and the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, plus one of her poems is forthcoming in the 2020 edition of The Apprentice Writer. Outside of writing, she enjoys reading, listening to music, and enforcing the Socratic method when debating with her loved ones. Morgan’s greatest objective of being a mentee in the Novae Musae Collective is continuing the legacy of the Classics within her own works—Western literature would never have broadened its scope without the innovations of the early Greek and Roman humanists, and she feels the least she can do to enrich her art is by learning the unfailing techniques of the pros who preceded her.


Kyra Chiller is a young Indian writer. She takes huge interest in reading and writing and has written numerous poems and short stories. Her forte is fiction, poetry and narrative. She is currently working on writing her book. She also uploads blogs over several websites on the present sociology, societal aspects, patriarchal system and gender, race and caste inequality. Her motive is to create awareness of these prevailing problems and together help improve the society. Besides creating her own art, she works as an editor at Polyphony Lit. 
Her other interests include drawing, singing, reading, playing with her dog and watching Disney movies. She also likes to take walks and loves car drives, even if they are to the most random places. 
She finds The Novae Musae Collective perfect to enhance her knowledge and poetry skills. Greek Mythology will help her understand the progressive, cultural development of the society. This will shed light over the roots over which the present society is built and help improve it.



Zoey Robles is a high school student who lives in East Los Angeles. She is Mexican American and Chinese American- the daughter and granddaughter of immigrants. Her hobbies include roller skating, reading, and simply sitting and thinking about questions both as grand as the meaning of life or as small as the way accents develop. She is fascinated by the way classical mythology-specifically Greek mythology-has contributed to modern society and current societal norms. When she heard about this program from a guest speaker at her USC Saturday Academy class and heard that it focused on the often-overlooked voices of classic mythology, she had to sign up. Her goals for this program are to attain a better understanding of classical mythology and develop ideas that will see her into college and beyond.


Michelle Ocegueda is a young Latina girl in middle school and lives in East Los Angeles . She loves learning about new things and is very interested in prose. She thinks that this program can lead to more jobs or even more. She has one main goal, her main goal is to fix global problems like global warming, deforestation, pollution, and more. In her eyes she sees us humans ruining this planet that only humans can live on and we are only hurting it, she sees this universe as a person and earth is part of the person. She made a saying, she says “ We may be hurting his world but, we always have a reason for everything!” Michelle also loves to read about fandom and believes in things that are considered myths, also not much of a fan about history unless she finds it interesting. Michelle enjoys art, painting, drawing, and listening to music other than that she is pretty calm.



Jason Navarro is a student in highschool, a soul yearning to better his community, and a writer inspired by the Classics. From a young age, he was always reserved and imaginative, delving into stories about the Gods as well as writing stories. He also enjoys astronomy, music and design. He wishes to improve the world with science and engineering, and tell meaningful stories. His family, friends, and identity are the reasons he works to be the best he could be. As a mentee in this program he wishes to become a better writer and learn about mythology and other valuable things from a mentor.


Drishti Reddy is a high-school student from India who's head-over-heels for mythology. She  writes a blog called 'Mythology Across the Globe' where she posts interesting and relatively  unknown stories from Indian Mythology. Drishti feels that the mythology of every community is  a mirror of their culture and beliefs; and so, knowing their mythology would definitely facilitate  our understanding of their way of life. While exploring Greek Mythology, she encountered the  Novae Musae Collective and instantly knew that signing up as a mentee in the program would help her gain more perspective and knowledge from the Classics. Besides being an editor for  Polyphony Lit, she enjoys debating, singing and troubling her sibling.

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