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Our Mission

The Novae Musae Collective is a student-run organization dedicated to reviving the Classics—we believe ancient Greco-Roman stories have the power to spark revelation, empowerment, and personal development in the modern world. With that being said, we recognize the current inaccessible, elitist connotations of Classical education; the Classics have not been disseminated openly and instead reside primarily in private schooling or higher education. Through our free, immersive fellowship program, we cultivate an inclusive, linguistic, and cultural study of the Classics. We hope it will uplift populations who are marginalized with respect to race, gender, sexuality, and/or class and share the beauty in these ancient, syncretic traditions.

Although we seek to break the boundaries surrounding Classical education, we want to separate our Classical education from the perpetuation of Classical ideals. We are aware that most Classical stories are told by the elite, which can facilitate discriminatory and prejudiced beliefs. Through the study of this social climate, we will uncover the underrepresented minorities of the Classical world and share their stories—shifting Classical education to directly confront inequality. As a result, we hope that our students can understand the context of modern oppression and inequality––that they help illuminate these inherent issues and use their cognizance to dismantle them. 

By shedding light on the importance and impact of Classical storytelling, we are committed to leading our students to a myriad of multicultural discoveries. From poetry to history to dance, the ancient stories we uplift in our fellowship strengthen the bonds between humanistic activities; they offer well-crafted dimensions and perspectives that students will take with them to expand and develop their passions. This integrative approach stems from the concept of the nine Muses in ancient Greek mythology—the Muses encompass a range of artistic and intellectual development, transcending the rigid boundaries of their society to build creative, reverberating movements. Similarly, we strive to kindle blended mindsets and interdisciplinary growth for our students by teaching the Classics through a holistic lens. 

In this way, we seek to foster community, empowerment, and personal development across all sectors of society. By illuminating the past, we hope to cast a light on the depth of our future. 

Mission: Welcome
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