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Empowering Communities Through a Humanistic Study



The Novae Musae Collective consists of a free, semester-long online fellowship program that personally connects students who are underrepresented in regards to race, gender, sexuality, and/or class with trained and dedicated mentors from around the world.


The fellowship is framed by unique and iconoclastic Classical stories; we recognize the patriarchal nature of ancient Greco-Roman society, so our program puts an emphasis on including exposure to works by minority voices and women that challenged classical ideals. Additionally, through the fellowship, mentors will conduct discussions with students around themes of inequality and misogyny in the ancient world and talk about ways to fuel change today. Students will learn to harness the power and beauty of the Classics with their Classics mentor, and furthermore, they will work with a mentor specializing in a facet of the creative arts to cover a topic of their choice. In this way, we are committed to showing our students how the Classics and modern humanities intersect and frame one another—helping them gain the skills to apply ancient Roman foundational stories and ancient Greek mythology to the modern world and their personal lives. In addition to 1-on-1 mentorship for the ancient and modern humanities, students will have the opportunity for organized collaboration with one another.



At the end of the program, students will matriculate via a virtual ceremony and discuss how the fellowship has impacted their artistic journey and how they aim to empower their communities with their experience. We will showcase the creative work of their choice produced over the course of the fellowship program––everything from research to song and dance––in a print anthology. This anthology will be distributed among schools and libraries to support Classics-fueled creativity. An interview will be conducted where they can share their progress and takeaways, and an article containing the interview will be written and published on our website and social media platforms. All students will receive a $100 monetary scholarship to fuel their future creative endeavors.

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